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How We Started


In 2001 I graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a Bachelor's degree in Health Promotion (Wellness/Fitness Management & Nutrition). In April of 2012, after struggling with my own health, I began researching ways to reduce the chemical load on my body and searched for homesteading "recipes" to make my own skincare, personal and home products. I began dabbling with Young Living Essential Oils, began researching and applying my knowledge of essential oils and eventually became a distributor for YL. Word got out that I was making my own products, and friends began asking if I would make products for them and their families and everything snowballed from there. What turned out to be a lifestyle change for myself and my family turned into my own small business. It is my passion to assist other families in taking the initial steps to living a more clean and natural lifestyle. My background and education are the platform from which I teach others about living a healthier and cleaner lifestyle.

All of my products are 100% natural, many plant derived. I have a passion for living naturally and would like to have the opportunity to encourage and educate your family and other families to do the same.

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